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Gorge of Todra

Gorge of Todra Tour

One Day Gorge of Todrra
9:00am – 6:00pm
Moroco Travel: Luxury 4×4
English, Arabic, Berber, French Speaking Driver, Guide
Starting & Finishing Point: Your Hotel In Ouarzazate

Travel to Morocco’s Todra Gorge Book a Tour or call (+212)-649 582 295 . Let us be your guide to Morocco Travel.


►After a hearty Moroccan breakfast head for the adventure of a lifetime to experience the Todra Gorge in the High Atlas Mountains.

►The drive is scenic as with the new roads built, you will drive past the hotels at the mouth of the Gorge and up to the villages of Ait Hani, Tamtouchte and Imlilchil. The Todra Gorge extends from the village of Tamtatoucheto Tinerhir. The Todra, with cliffs rising dramatically up to 300m on each side of a narrow corridor, make up some of the most impressivecliffs and are by far, the highestin Morocco.

► The Todra Gorge is a spectaclewith its giganticrock wallschangingcolor to create magicaleffects with the sunlight. In the morning, when the sun permeates through the bottom of the gorge, the rock changes from pink rose to deep ochre gradually throughout the rest of the day.

►A day at the Todra offers the option of extreme climbing or light hiking and sightseeing. A more strenuous hike would involve a three hour loop used by donkeys and mules heading north of the main gorge to Tizgui, home of palmeries and ancient kasbahs. For a lighter hike, try the Petit Gorge entering at the mouth of the gorge. The mouth is an enclosed section with overhanging cliffs and is the most dramatic scenery in the gorge. Climbing in the Todra Gorgeis an unforgettable experience.

►Options are to have lunch inside the Todra Gorge or at one of the restaurants beneath the overhanging cliffswith a panoramicview. After lunch you can continue by road or hike by foot, or horseback to explore the surrounding area and its Berber villages. Sometimes you can find the Nomad women with children from the Atlas Mountains visiting the Gorge to carry water by donkey to their village. Your driver will give you the option to visit the picturesquevillage of Tamtattouchte, whose red toned earth houses are located at the other end of the gorge.

►On your return back to Ouarzazate you can watch the sunset from your window and request your driver stop along the route should you site and interesting Moroccan shop of clothing or silver.